Sunday, September 30, 2012

Mondial Simulation Paris Part 2

P as Passion. Most of the associations exhibiting here are french speaking (We are in Paris..). We will be glad next time to make a report on a German or British event for instance. And maybe elsewhere ! 

Mondial Simulation Paris Le Bourget
7th edition
(Part 2)
P as Passion
The manager of Preatorians-FS, a french speaking association with approximately 500 members in France, Belgium, Switzerland..Devoted association to help and train new simmers.

Another french association, well-known, Horizons Artificiels. They brought this B-737 NG in the exhibition.

Fly!, The open source flight simulator is here too.

Full staff at Ivao France. ATC controllers are in charge of Paris Control, Approach and Tower all along the week end.  Really dedicated people.
* * * * *
France Cockpit  is a young company, near Belgium, specialized in cockpit modules and cards for the Boeing 738 NG. Their innovation is in a single card that can interface with Open Cockpit card (here i think) in order to reduce connections, wires, and price.

Here is the "patch card" (or mixing card) that you connect to the Open Cockpit standard card.

And this is the kind of cockpit you can make...
France Cockpit can provide kits for the main panel and the pedestal. The overhead is coming in a few months. The main Boeing board (only), modules and all the circuits and cards cost approximately 4 500 euros...
 * * * * *

This is my bird.. An Hirch MRA built in 1954. Visually, it's a wonderful plane.
  If someone wants to launch a project, enjoy these pictures ! I can even return to the Musée and make more shots for you.



Who knows ? Maybe this bird has partly inspired the Piaggio Avanti corporate jet..?
The 7th edition is quite interesting. All the main exhibitors have attended the exhibition, resellers, associations, press.. The flight simulation still stand. A lot of people are coming to see planes and cockpits but virtual racing is growing and growing too. And i was surprised to hear that virtual racing pilots can drive years after years without getting bored. That is a serious competitor.
Unfortunaly, and it is a disappointment, french editors did not come this year. Booths are not free for editors who sell boxes during the show. But they are free for those who are just coming here to show their passion. France VFR, F.T.S, SceneryBox, LLH Creations... and other smaller editors have missed the thing. It's not important to sell in the Mondial. The very essence is to share your passion with simmers and young generations. It is a strategic investment.
Direct from the 7th edition of the Mondial simulation Paris
Hope you enjoyed these pictures. And thanks again to Mathijs Kok for the interview.
Dom Mason

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