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Mathijs Kok Interview, Part 2

Second part of Mathijs Kok interview. Discussions on piracy, about Simware and some advices to young developers.

Mondial Simulation Paris

- Do you see some progress in Europe in the fight against piracy ?
I do not consider it as a major problem. ./.. I am not a big fan of online registration. It is making life difficult for almost all customers while it remains easy for pirates. I dont think it is the right way to fight against it. But piracy on Aerosoft products has gone down.  [Dom : thanks to your Launcher tool ?  ]  Mathijs: I doubt it. But we changed the way we act toward customers. The philosophy to understand is that pirates are not (only) stealing from a company but from people, from me, our staff etc.
On the whole, it is not too difficult to protect a product. We tried to overprotect some products in the past but they simply don't sell.
- Aerosoft has proved its ability to design very good airports, aircrafts and utilities. What could be the next step ? I don't know, doing your own range of hardware for instance ?
No. That is one reason that explains why we have bought Simware. They are very good at selling hardware. We tried in the past but we are not really good at developing Flight sim hardware.
[Dom : By the way, i don't get the point, why did Aerosoft buy Simware ? Simmarket could buy it as well]
- Mathijs : We always liked Simware because they have the same attitude as we have. They are focused on the customer.  We never try to sell a product. They try to help the customer, try to be nice and let them come back.
About a year ago, Fred Goldman wanted to sell Simware and asked to Wilfried (Aerosoft CEO) if he wanted to buy it. We did not see any issue and we had a good deal on the price. [Dom : it has been explained lately that Fred Goldman wants to invest more time on Wilco Publishing...].
Mathisj : So, i don't know, maybe Simmarket was not interested or not able to buy it. You will need to ask them.
[Dom : Aerosoft and Simware still have two different booths at the Mondial Simulation this year. Aerosoft booth sells Aerosoft products. And from what i saw on Simware booth, they are selling Flight1 products for instance.]
Simware booth crowded
- Can you give three advices to a young developer who want to work in this business ?
- Mathijs : All the young developers who are working with us now, started to work without beeing paid. For instance, on Airbus X, a young developer from Singapoure contacted me a couple of months ago and wanted to work with us. And he has been a tremendous help to us and now he is getting paid. So just contact us and tell us you want to work with us.
A couple of people who started on the Airbus project left us a few months ago but eventually, they ran out of money. Don't start something too large !
Second advice, be respectful to the distributors (Aerosoft, but also Simmarket or Flight1..etc.).  If you try to sell a product on your own, you will make more money on a copy but remember that we have got access to the customers. We have for instance our newsletter that gives you access to ten thousand of people.
On a project, you have to do static aircrafts, cars. Here, we have got libraries, static aircrafts, it will save you months. So, even if you think it's more expensive, go with the distributors. [and they have the experience !]

The third advice is simple : simply be a nice guy ! You got to forge yourself a good reputation. The moment you have got something to show to people, show it.. on forums, on Airdailyx blog (!) etc... So you can get interest from simmers. Be opened. I don't like when developers say that the project will be released when it is ready. This year ? Next year ? That is not a good attitude in this market anymore. Be opened and honest. Show that you are listening to customers.

This is 2012, this is Facebook age and it is about communication, even if it is a difficult thing to understand.

Thanks !

Direct from Mondial Simulation Paris, with Mathijs Kok, projects manager at Aerosoft.
Translated from audio record.

Dom Mason
Airdailyx, September 2012


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