Thursday, September 20, 2012

Thank you !!

Thanks to all of you who have joined and stuck with us. We are just a couple weeks away from our 2nd anniversary and already we have reached 1 million visits to our blog. We have good days we have had bad days. We bring smiles to peoples faces and we piss others off. Sometimes we get things right sometimes not. But through and through, you all keep coming back in increased numbers every month.

As we push 4,000 hits a day we just wanted to thank you all for helping us get here. We try to be different and actually add some personality to what we post as opposed to just copy and pasting news from other sites. We both have families, jobs, and other hobbies besides flight simulation. It's all our visitors that keep us going. 1 million hits may not be much in comparison to other FS sites, but it's a very big deal to us! Again, thank you all for helping us get here !
We were lucky to find each other too !
-Dominique and D'Andre

AirDailyX - We do things differently!


Anonymous said...


Is there any chance that you guys will fix the first picture linking problem? When I click on the first picture in some postings (e.g. the Twotter post) the browser always open a new tab.

Anonymous said...

Congrats Guys. Best FS Site on the internet.

DAndre Newman said...

There is a reason for that. We want you to visit the developers sites as well where you will find the high res versions. We support them too and don't what to take their traffic while promoting them in the process.

DAndre Newman said...


Anonymous said...

First thing i do every morning when i drinking my coffe is - turn on the laptop and visit

Thanks guys!

Anonymous said...

Where would we be without our daily fix of AirDailyX.

Bringing us the news, breaking news and exclusives. Who could ask for more.

I'm sure the site will rack up the next million inside 12 months as the word gets out.

Seriously ... your efforts and commitment are very much appreciated. Please have a virtual champers on us, your loyal readers.

DAndre Newman said...

Very kind words folks! Brought me a smile! Thanks for the encouragement. I'll consider that MY coffee this morning!

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