Monday, September 24, 2012

Aerosoft gulps down Simware

[Market]. We have just heard from the Aerosoft website that they have bought the Belgium FS products reseller Simware. Several consequences... !
First of all, Aerosoft is offering itself a larger market share on the western european market. They will probably get a larger hardware portfolio too.

Simware will be more focused on the French and Dutch markets that the company very well, considering its location, in Brussels, and its people who speak both languages.
For instance, Simware covers the Mondial Simulation of Paris every year (scheduled this week end).

From our knowledge, Simware is managed by Frederik Goldman, who runs Wilcopub too.
With this acquisition, Aerosoft will probably have a larger commercial network to sell its new products and especially the famous Airbus Extended version. The success of the Airbus Xtended is imperative.

But consequently, the next question is : Did Fred Goldman sell Wilcopub too...
Another question concerns Feelthere products. Will Aerosoft continue to distribute their aircrafts ?

To be continued !

Dom Mason

For more info about the Seven dwarfs of the FS market :

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Anonymous said...

This was taken from the AVSIM's article today:

Fred Goldman, former CEO of SimWare, comments the sale of his company to Aerosoft:
“After 20 years, I have decided to leave SimWare Simulations to focus on Wilco Publishing activities, the company I founded in 1997. My knowledges and know-how have been given to the current team. The management and logistic teams are highly qualified, full of ressources and new ideas. The acquisition by Aerosoft will allow SimWare to ensure and enhance its leading position in the simulation market”.

It seems Wilco won't be affected, as far as I understand


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