Sunday, September 23, 2012

Hey TinMouse fans! Guess what?

FS9. For all you TinMouse fans out there, it looks like your good ol 732 is on it's way to getting a VC! Cool!
Full information here:
Facts about the VC:

- Started out as a WIP from Erick Cantu, but got nearly 100% redone in the process
- Full Tin Mouse panel integration*
- Usability enhancements (door controls, extended lighting controls)
- Wipers!
- Rudder pedals that double as brake pedals (visually)
- More here and there

- There's still some things to be done
- Release 14/10/2021
- "True" FSX model to follow (someday)
- Gravel kit model is a future option
- Nightmarish installation
- Paintkit in .xcf (GIMP) formatting

If anyone wants to help out with repaints and/or better textures, give me a shout.

*Sans extras like the CIVA INS or RXP radar or TCAS. These can be integrated by anyone with a texture edit and a panel.cfg mod though.        

If anyone is interesting in lending a helping hand please contact Avsim member Bjoern



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Anonymous said...

- Release 14/10/2021 ?????

Anonymous said...

Looks like many things need to be done. It looks very flat

DAndre Newman said...

True but he is looking for help. I am sure the more help he gets the better it will look.

Anonymous said...

I hope he will :)

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