Saturday, September 22, 2012

ATL for FS9 released!

FS9. Now available on Simmarket. The FSX version to follow shortly! We will post a review this week.

Get it here:



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Anonymous said...

Does this mean the FSX version is going to be a port over? I hope not as performance is always an issue when this is the least for me.

Anonymous said...

Of course it will be(well most likely) I cant speak for them, but the Denver for FSX is messed up for me the ground sticks through my wheels at the end of the runways. (Non FSX ground poly)

Anonymous said...

Yes imagine sim does not develop fsx sceneries they just port over.

DAndre Newman said...

We have the new version in our possession and getting it uploaded. More details soon.

Anonymous said...

Please do, I'm on the fench with this one. With all due respect I need to know where my money is going. Usually, I would have hopped all over this for FS9, but now I'm in deep with FSX and have high expectations for scenery / addons for the like. Nonetheless, I'm still heavily vested in FS9 payware but can't; for the life of me this time around, see the worthwhile of grabbing V2.
Now Denver FS9; certainly was largely overdue, but KATLV2 hmmmm. "Show me the money" aaahhh, sorry "Show me the scenery" for the money.

DAndre Newman said...

The review will be complete soon! That's all i'm saying at this point.

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