Friday, November 16, 2012

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This is a new kind of article where we will post interesting news from various companies. Today, news from Visualize-HD/Aviasim and Bodo Scenery.

Aviasim (Saskatoon project) and Visualize-HD (Juneau project) are combining their forces to developer a realistic airport. They have launched a poll with several choices of airports.

* * * *

Bodo Scenery seems to be progressing very well on Norwegian airport, Bodo ENBO .  Tore Stranden, the developer, will release this project as freewareand has just posted a new video of the whole area.

Here is what could be an interesting feature for editors and developers. Especially on huge projects where secret is not essential.


Anonymous said...

Another Aviasim project? Oh boy, what happened to the other 3 airports they announced?

Anonymous said...

Hi I am the loyal reader who told u about technobrains haneda, hope u don't mind me putting another message in a comment!

On android playstore is a new app fsmovmap and it is a moving map using googlemaps. its amazing and free I just tested it

wow saves me configuring Fsmap

Unknown said...

Hello! I'm the CEO of Visualize-HD, we have no relation with Bodo Scenery at all, not sure why it's on here. Unfortunately, we are no longer working with Aviasim. However, we are still developing Boise and we'll continue to put up polls for your input.

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