Saturday, November 17, 2012

Orbx EUrope ENgland Released

FSX/P3D. Yes ! The first Orbx european region scenery has been released, early this morning, Australian hour. And this is the first scenery made by Orbx from HamPshire, in UK.

Product explanations :
Last set of shots taken by Iain Emms :
More screnshots and where to buy :


Immanuel said...

Oh no! I was hoping they would release the whole UK in one package. Now as it is only the most "boring" part of UK not willing to buy yet. Hopefully Scottland, Wales and the Shetlands will follow soon because these are just GREAT landscapes!!!

But anyways: Good job of ORBX so far.

Anonymous said...

HamPshire, there is a P in there guys... :)


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