Saturday, November 17, 2012

Orbx EU England : Our own screenshots

FSX/P3D. A first idea of Orbx first scenery in Europe. Coverage : England. Screenshots here are taken from London city, London, Plymouth, Dover, Liverpool, Scanfield, Manston etc.. Review very soon. Autumn season only here !


UK 2000 London City with Orbx EU England

Orbx EU England and London City enhanced airport (from defaut FSX)



Apparently, a new set of traffic with European style and size cars !


Plymouth airport









Review coming very soon !


Anonymous said...

Looks great!

Those are default FSX generic cars. Nothing different.

Magic Aviation said...

Apparently the city of London looks ugly, better using Aerosoft London X

Anonymous said...

How are the frames?

Anonymous said...

I suppose that is the biggest question... How does it perform. For example, how LCY performs with UK2000 installed. I guess the UK2000 airports need to be above OrbX England in the scenery library...


Mason Dominique said...

Yes, you need to move UK2000 LCY up to Orbx folders. But with the PMDG NGX, yesterday, i got 15/20 FPS which was rather for me (all FSX sliders 100 %)

Biggles said...

Many of the autogen house models look American or Oz, not European. And all airports seem to have these odd-looking housing estates right outside the fence. Certainly the scenery looks best from 2000 feet. Perhaps I'm expecting too much - it is good value for a large area - perhaps half the price of individual areas in France VFR.

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