Saturday, November 17, 2012

Am i ratting out ?

[|FS Market]. Here is an updated list of developers who have not published any new FS projects since 2 months or more. That's okay, some of them might want to stay off to handle a heavy project. Problem is : if eveybody stops communicating, this Flight simulation market will be slowly dying.

Did not communicate any more preview or new project for at least 2 months :
Flight Sim Labs
TouchDown Sim Design
Aviation Multimedia Studios
Blueprint simulations
Feelthere (as developers)
Earth Simulations
Flightsimsoft (Topcat/PFPX)
RealAir Simulations
Eaglesoft DG


George said...

I realise that it's quite annoying when people keep asking for release dates after an update, but it is equally annoying when developers disappear. How do they expect us to keep following them? PFPX and FSL are two good examples of how very promising projects are erased from the 'must buy' list.

Why should I wait for FSL Airbus and not get Aerosoft's if they don't say anything? I'm not that rich to buy anything that comes out, especially if its about the same airplane...

PFPX is (was?) promising but it's been like this since 1-2-3 years now? Till it comes out there'll be a new sim...

Let's see...

Lee Marrow said...

Lots of new devs though and Simaddons is developing Edmonton .. I think

Anonymous said...

Is FS dying?

Can you folks do some research and a report on how has the FS population been in these years, say 10 ?

perhaps getting some info from IVAO or VATSIM on pilots active between the years can give you an idea?

Chris said...

Flightsimsoft (Topcat/PFPX)is not true.
you can follow the progress here:


the last (detailed) update was today!

Anonymous said...

Why should developers have to release previews of products just make you lot happy? If they want release previews of yet to be finished products let them. They don't need you constantly harassing them about products that are not ready for release.

Anonymous said...

RealAir is still activly working on their c172

DAndre Newman said...

Please tell me that's a joke.

Anonymous said...

Ralph from Simaddons is certainly active and always providing support/updates on the support site (login required though). Latest update was yesterday regarding the Halifax Runway extension going active.

Anonymous said...

This old chestnut again--'Poor developer'/'Poor Simmer'.

Both of them are, at times, morons. The whiny simmer for his unreasonable expectations (sometimes) and the developer who's either grossly unprofessional or simply lousy at marketing/public relations.

Too often both sides are simply silly. And to call what the Topcat folks are referring to as an 'update' is also silly.

Unfortunately, there is no uniform standard, no timeline that can be enforced--you can't 'make' a developer do anything. And, frankly, that's as it should be.

But to hear them complain that simmers asking about their products is harassment, or annoying--well that's just stupid. No one should ever buy anything they sell--they should be pushed out of business, simple. Really. Be happy anyone even gives a crap about your bug-laden, morbidly out-of-date project at all.

That said, the simmer clamoring for an update ever 2 days is also stupid--go outside and get some colour to your face. It'll do you good. Or maybe do shorter flights--14 hours at F350 is giving you too much time to post ridiculous crap on bulletin boards. No one has the time and energy to read your garbage, nevermind reply to it.

To me, any developer that strings his customer base along for years with this or that promise (Digital Aviation anyone?) only to release nothing, or something that remains incomplete) is grossly unprofessional--and a moron (Aerosoft stepped into a giant pile of goose poo in taking on management of the CRJ).

Any developer that's released a product, only to abandon it (leaving people who paid good money in good faith to live with a year-old beta upgrade) is also a moron. Don't buy their stuff again, is the lesson there.

In the end, it is buyer-beware. If you purchase from an outfit that has a reputation for unprofessional conduct, or one you know to be run by a student doing development stuff between exams, while waiting for the Clearasil to start working before heading out again--you guessed it--you're a moron.

Your money's gone. Learn from it and move on. In the meantime, you can hope that developer visits a dentist who drills, then stops, telling him 'oh, I have to go do my real job now, I'll be back in 6 months'.

Not that these lists aren't fun. They are. Reminds me of hearing long-forgotten songs from the 80s. 'Eaglesoft--remember them?' Indeed.

Anonymous said...

Doubt FS is dying, if anything the user base is growing.

I do however think that without ACES bringing a new version of FS every 2-3 years anymore, it now puts it on developers alone to excite people with new things in FS and will continue being that way until P3D gets a larger user base (X-Plane, I think, is a different community altogether).

That said, I think that a lot of developers don't bother to go that extra mile for anything that at its core is new or innovative, they use the same old techniques and the same old standards that may have been great years ago, but are now...too common. Even FSX at its current age has a lot of potential for new and better products because a lot of devs have not tapped into it's full potential.

Unknown said...

;ets not forget NLS - what happened to them? and their NLS A380 ???

Anonymous said...

To be fair to most developers...... they have their own websites, forums and followers and usually not much time for the PR stuff. Except of course those with 'staff', i.e. the guys making real money out of you and their developers. Most - usually one-man - companies will be 'developing' and beavering away, burning midnight oil and no time left for the 'just nice to have things' such as marketing or 'press' ;-)

Anonymous said...

Just because they supply no current update on development does not mean they are not working. It was the same with the Lancair, almost nothing until the few weeks prior to release. There is no obligation to keep anyone informed of the current state of affairs.

Anonymous said...

Flight sim labs posted a preview pic from beta testing last week;

You guys must have missed out on that release, standards slipping?

They've also done two interviews recently with AVSIM about their product.

MIA Pilot said...

Also don't forget these comments on the FSL bus that Captain Rónán O Cadhain, Flight sim's resident Airbus expert and a real world pilot himself made on the Avsim forums last week. He answered many questions about the detail in the FSL bus.

If Ró gives his name to it it must be good.

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