Sunday, November 18, 2012

LVF San Diego : more progress

FS9/FSX. Latin VFR has posted (again !) new screenshots of San Diego (Lindbergh Field) KSAN. A first clear sight of the jetways.


Anonymous said...

Ground textures look to repetitive and bland. Should blend it in with photoreal ground texture for more detail.

DAndre Newman said...

I disagree with you. This is why developers don't like to give WIP previews because of pointless and negative comments like yours.

Minus the ground markings which are not present yet, the ground textures look perfect for a brand new ramp area that has seen little use.

Anonymous said...

If you look at one of the screenshots of Flytampa's legacy San Diego on Simmarket, you'll see that the ground has different areas of lighter and darker shading. It makes it look more realistic. Didn't mean to sound negative, just a suggestion.

Anonymous said...

On Google Earth, there is quite a difference between actual to these shots posted. This is still though a work in progress which makes me think they havent gotten onto the ground yet as there are no lines or any boxes out there.

Anonymous said...

they stated on their website they still have quite a bit of stuff to go. including marking on the taxiway, etc....don't be too quick with the negative comments.

Jon Schutte said...

Yes, the development is still just nearing the Alpha stage, far from beta, and further from release. Rest assured, the final version will have everything in its rightful place.

To the anonymous person who pointed out differences in the apron colours, you are quite correct, in its current state we have simply the canvas (if we will) onto which we will be adding all of the shading, shadowing, taxilines etc. etc. - More shots to come.

Anonymous said...

Guys these are WIP only focusing on buildings.. ground detail should be exported in the following weeks.. Still a lot but a lot of things missing here. We want to have the community informed on progress, if not then we will have to post only 3 days before release which I think makes it less controversial.


Anonymous said...

I hope it's FPS is better off than their previous MIA

Anonymous said...

When giving previews, developers should suggest, which parts of the shown scenery is completed and which is not - or simply not to show the bad looking parts on their screenshots. Those above would probably look much better from the ground level.

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