Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Bella Coola seen by Emmsie

FSX/P3D. Iain Emms, Orbx VIP, has tested the Canadian airfield (runway length = 4 200 feets !).
More shots here :


Anonymous said...

Looks amazing!

Dom, foot = singulier, feet = pluriel, feets n'existe pas ;-)

Anonymous said...

Don't tell us now you will also use your NG here? (4200 foot observation) Come on Dom, time to think on using the slow ones.

Mason Dominique said...

Lol !
Well all kind of aircrafts in fact
but landing the NGX on a handkerchief, well it's my "thing", my weakess.
Note that with the PMDH short package (used in real life by some companies), you can actuallyu land there !

I saw plenty of feets on internet !! (thanks !)

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