Thursday, November 29, 2012

Approved !

FSX. I have tested the Lionheart Super Pacer yesterday. Short test - not a review - and explanations. Updated. Mistakes happen. We test a lot of things and with this online manual, i did not see the cleaning bottle feature.

Apologies... And you have the right to refuse them.

It's still a curious package with too many liveries and this Alaskan scenery but the aircraft is definitely great.

Dom Mason

Even if this is an old aircraft with basic gauges, the aircraft did not desserve these textures.
And the developer can't pretend that it is visually realistic.
Below, the 2D cocpit is perfectly readable.

The aircraft has a 2D panel.

External textures are really nice, realistic. Even here, with my average ATI card settings.

Around 3 o'clock near Bristol, UK (with Orbx FTX EU England), the landscape
can be easily recognized from outside views. The external model of the Super Pacer is superb.

* * * * *

What i did not fully understand the first time, is the cleaning bottle feature (an odd idea compared with Carenado simple window options). And, as a matter of fact, when you click on this bottle, you have three different displays with a brighter one. I am really confident now, that i will enjoy this aircraft. I know, judge me, i am dumb. But i am an average simmer testing things...

These are the second and third displays. The third one shows a crippled windscreen.

Good points :

- Bottle cleaner and different displays.
- Great flight dynamic.
- Seaplanes versions.

Bad points :

- Some low qualitty (not low resolution) gauges.
- Price.

Conclusion :


Special thank to Brian and people who alerted me on this.


Anonymous said...

The real plane has a very small canopy with limited visibility. It would be unrealistic for the developer to model anything else.

Unknown said...

did you clean the windshield? look at the floor on the passenger side.. and click several times on the bottle window cleaner.. yhour windows will be clear.. there is 3 levels of dirt and grime, I think..

Anonymous said...

Or you can just click the windscreen to clean it, which, wait for in the manual!

Bill Ortis said...

I work 'very' hard on my manuals. No one reads them.... :(

DAndre Newman said...

I agree with you Bill... But my Avelina still runs out of power LOL!

Mason Dominique said...

Simmers don't have time to read manuals anymore.
It must be intuitive and smart.
Dom Mason

Glad to see that Bill Orties himself reads our blog.

Griphos said...

Maybe you'll approve this response (since you didn't approve my first one):

Simmers don't have time to read the manual?! Are you serious?!

The textures of this aircraft, inside and out, are very realistic for this vintage aircraft. I know, I have one. The gauges look a LOT like they do in this package. That is one of the very nice features of it -- the realism!

I don't see how you can get any more intuitive or smart than by having an actual plexiglass cleaner bottle as a way to clean the windshield. What would you suggest?!?

Anonymous said...

I have trouble with the price of this package being a bad point. I believe for all the extras included, it is a steal when compared to prices charged by other developers. That, and the customer service Bill gives to his customers is awesome. I own this plane and I am always impressed by the amount of detail and reaism Bill puts into all of his creatons.

Unknown said...

Window cleaner? What's next? Air freshener? Lol. Man I love this hobby. Just wish we could get Ms to fix our beloved platform. Perhaps listening to us hardcore enthusiasts instead of creating that "flop" they called Flight, would have yielded more sales.

I for one would have NO problem shelling out the 70 or so dollars for a solid FSX v2.0. Just my opinion.

Unknown said...

Wha-da-ya know.. I feel famous now! LOL..

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