Friday, November 23, 2012

Here comes Sanya Phoenix!

FS9. Everyone, their mothers, grand mothers, and great grand mothers are wondering when the hell is SkySoft going to release some freaking shots of Beijing. We'll we have no clue, but in the mean time here is another work from the developer.
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Anonymous said...

I wonder why SkySoft doesn't make (chinese)airports for FSX. We only have PIS Xiamen for FSX and nothing else.

Anonymous said...

Well,I have been reliably told that PIS has Sanya Pheonix on the menu also for FSX. I hope they will announce this officially next year.

Anonymous said...

One chinese airport for FSX? - eerrrr look at simmarket under *china* an there're more than one payware, if u google "FSX freeware scenery list" u will find even more, but okey SKYSOFT are kings of great detailed FS2004 chinese scenery's to this day, no doubt...but yes, if or when SKYSOFT moves over to FSX, there scenery's will be even more detailed...Sanya Pheonix are the first FSX from them...but it's not official yet..let's see what the next weeks will bring, the FS9 version or both? ;-)

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