Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Dobryï vetcher, Captain

These are some heros of Chernigov [Chernihiv] Higher Pilot school in Ukraine. Apparently, a few of these trainees became involve in flight simulation.... To found Captain Sim, five years ago. I am not rewriting history. Just try to understand the roots of Captain Sim, because i respect them.


We don't want to loose Captain Sim. They have developed many very good aircrafts, commercial and military. But, somehow, there is a possibility that Boeing airplanes projects were eventually too ambitious (yesterday, a comment pointed out that, in "Such a disgrace post").

We hate them, we like them. What i can offer here, is to sign a petition.

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We, the simmers, need Captain Sim, We want to believe that their latest project will finally be a success.

Bolchoïe spassibo,

Sign here : (just post a comment with a signature or pseudo or avatar)

Dom Mason,


Anonymous said...

Sorry, can't jump on that bandwagon. Until they actually learn to deliver a complete, tested and working product as advertised, the negative feedback from customers should be viewed as constructive. CS should rethink their dev and qa processes, not to mention their marketing messages.

bberendts said...

Yea, this is a tough one, because I do like their 757 and 767. But this 777 has been a disaster in the way it's been developed and released. Rethinking the process might be a good idea.

Anonymous said...


Rustam said...

With demise of MS Flight it became so obvious that developers MUST learn to listen. Period!
Neglecting this simple rule and a mere denial of facts evolving around the gaming world today is just a sign of hypocrisy and disrespect to your loyal clients...

CS is a good company, no doubt on that but they're stubbornly making the same mistakes over and over again. FS community is growing and today it means not only quantity but quality! And developers must be able to consider and adapt to these conditions - sexy visuals are ok but FDE and aircraft systems simulation obviously add value to competition between the developers.

Anonymous said...

If you believe that article I've got a bridge in Brooklyn I can sell you...

Anonymous said...

I disagree as well. I'm a simmer (an avid one) and not only do I not need Captain Sim--I avoid them like the plague.

I see purchasing an addon, in part, as rewarding a job well done. Honestly--I think the monkey Iran just fired into space could do a better job. Come to think of it--wasn't he a graduate of that flying college as well?

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