Wednesday, January 30, 2013

FlightBeam KSFO update!

FSX. Major changes are happening to SFO so shouldn't your FlightBeam SFO change with it? Well, yes. And thankfully, it is. Here's SFO's brand new control tower under construction, due to open next year.
FlightBeam will update this fresh look to it's KSFO product later this year along with upgraded textures, active jetways, updated DX10 compatible taxi lights, runway lights, and much more. This update will be absolutely free. Awww... that's sweet! Thanks Amir! No confirmation yet if the FS9 version will be included in the update.

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Anonymous said...

Comment on Facebook: 'FS9 version will be included as well for most of the new features. We'll detail that out as we get closer'

Anonymous said...

Good news. But, unfortunately FB does not want to make the new scenarios for FS9. Hoping that they would do for KPHX for FS9, but most likely it will not. They lose money. Not too much, but lose.

Anonymous said...

You are forgetting it costs money to convert the airport to FS9 and as a developer I can tell you the only thing you can convert is geometry and mapping and all the rest has to be redone for FS9 (animation,composition,placement).
As far as Amir explained it they lost money making the FS9 port.
If they do make it the development costs money which is then not earned back by the sales of the FS9 version.
If they don't make it they lose the money people with FS9 might have paid them.
A vicious cycle.

Anonymous said...

"FS9 version will be included as well for most of the new features", isn't that strange after their decision to stop developing for FS9?

Anonymous said...

Not strange at all, shows commitment to their existing products already released to the market.

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