Monday, January 28, 2013

We'll it's about damn time...

FSX. Honestly, of all the few large payware turboprops we have seen in FS, this is one I personally feel should have been done long ago. All we have had are the freewares that always fell short of expectation. Well now, besides the Q-400 and the Metroliner on the way, finally we are getting... wait for it... THE EMB 120!! All we have to show is a very early render but I am very confident Razbam Sims will deliver top quality!

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Anonymous said...

Looking forward to this one, been wanting a good Brasilia for a long time!

Anonymous said...

AWESOME!!!!! Credit card ready!

Anonymous said...

It actually has been done quite a while ago for FSX in November 2010:

DAndre Newman said...

Yeah, think you miss the point I made when I said we need a good payware model as all the freeware models over the years have come up short of the proper payware quality. This also means a fully functional VC.

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