Thursday, January 24, 2013

Adelaïde X announced !

FSX/P3D. Aerosoft unveils a new airport scenery project, Adelaïde X YPAD in Australia. First screenshots posted!


Anonymous said...

Oz love all of a sudden.

FlyTampa are doing YSSY Sydney too.

René said...

Sadly, not very pretty.
I am also against companies invading the market of other companies. Like Aerosoft is doing to Orbx with DEX and Alelaide.
What do you think? Should developers just keep doing what they do best?

Unknown said...

Personally the worst textures I have ever seen from Aerosoft in a preview...

Anonymous said...

Where's DEX?

Mason Dominique said...

Worst textures ! Agreed !


Anonymous said...

Depends. In this case, ORBX has Australia well covered, however to the best of my knowledge, they have not done a high-detail Adelaide, so that market is still there and I don't see markets as territory to certain developers. If this had been an airport ORBX have already done like Brisbane, I would say that doing another one of those is a waste of time since ORBX already did their own version in very high quality and there is no need to do what has already been done in high quality.

However, I agree with the consensus that the textures are awful and I will not be a customer of this product unless those are fixed.

Anonymous said...

Bad textures and this time they don't even have FS9 to blame for that. For me, no FS9, no purchase.

Anonymous said...

"As most of the time, do not ask for a FS2004 version as it just makes no commercial sense for us" Too bad this arrogant attitude of Aerosoft towards FS9 users lately...

Anonymous said...

what?? where did you read that??

Anonymous said...

This attitude is a NOGO and the reason why dont support Aerosoft anymore, latest polls show still 40% FS9 users........of course FSX has more users most of them flying/lagging arround at 10-15fps lol.
I got i high end system and still fly FS9, cause with good addons the graphics as as good as with FSX sometimes even better.
You BIG developers should really concider doing addons for fs9/x and dont be arrogant......just hurting yourself

Anonymous said...

never mind! found it!!

Anonymous said...

It's the same story over and over again. Developers keep trying to force users to adopt FSX. This means less costs for them, and consequently more profits.
While I can understand the move towards FSX in complex airliners (still there is a market opp in FS9 - which is quite capable of displaying complex VCs and systems while maintaining excelent performance), leaving FS9 out of big airports market is a HUGE NONSENSE.
Seriously, does this Adelaide scenery look impossible to adapt to FS9??

Anonymous said...

FS2004 will be 10 years old this year!!!

Anonymous said...

The Flytampa guys say that converting from FSX to FS2004 takes a "few days".

Anonymous said...

This is from the developer (Aaron) who made the CLS YSSY for FS9/FSX.

There are more screenshots here: (same project just handed over to Aerosoft I guess).

Anonymous said...

Aerosoft seems to live in their own little world. First they say that FS9 can't make money (tell that to Carenado), then they hype X-Plane as the next big thing. Forum numbers sure don't reflect that, or sales from what I've seen.

Anonymous said...

I am a developer, and X- plane sales are a third of FS2004 sales. No where near.

Anonymous said...

I've been using FSX for about 4 years and get 30-45fps on a laptop. For ages there have been tools like FSPS that get maximum performance from fsx and your computer. I've never lookd back!

Immanuel said...

I still used both since twi years on an high end machine. Within my all pimped FS9 I have arround 100 FPS within my meanwhile even more pimped FSX (addons arround 6.000 Euros) I have the externally limited 35 FPS under nearly any circumstances. Possible even at Vancouver with ORBX and Vancouver V3 (I don`t use NGX any more). So FS9 is still used - but meanwhile for betatesting only. XP10 is no option for me. Graphics are too bad in my opinion.

I was really, really shocked when I saw the preview shots of YPAD. Maybe another Kamtschatka/Erfurt?

What a pitty...

Anonymous said...

Yet they release Toulouse and Frankfurt Hahn for X-Plane and leave FS9 behind... If they are so worried about the sales numbers and development cycles, FS9 should have an advantage.

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for freedom of choice (for user and developer), just can't understand their choices, they seem to have a hidden agenda behind them.

Anonymous said...

omg ... so many fs9 users here that have no clue on how things work. Instead of airing your opinion about you getting hurt on the developers that say they stopped supporting fs9 you might want to consider the following. 1, when a company wants to move forward they have some options. FSX and x plane, most x plane, have more potential for developers when it comes to developing high end scenery. FSX has it's limits due to the messed up development from microsoft. fs9 has even more limits due to the limit of the game.

So for those that are hating at the developers, that just say how it is, grow up and either switch to a different sim or stay at your fs9 and enjoy the blurry ground textures, the lack of HD airport scenery and what not. Those developers have made many scenery for fs9 but try endulging yourself into the development instead of just whining about how fs9 is in some cases not going to be supported for scenery anymore. Read the forums on FSDT about a question to convert Vancouver to fs9, it is a no go due to the development they used for FSX, it would mean starting from scratch and hoping that sales would meet the amount of time and effort put into it, they compared that when they converted LAX to fs9, it was a waste of time and money.

As always ... have a nice day

Anonymous said...

You guys!!!
This is bullshit!!
You just see 8 Screenshots and running crazy about how bad is the texture-quality!
Did you have seen more of it? No!
Did you zoomed on FSX to see the quality? NO!
Then shut up!!!!

You are only mad about the fact of no FS2004 version! THEN BUY FSX!!! IT DOSENT COST THE WORLD!
By the way the Textures are looking good

Anonymous said...

These comments above about FSX....proves it that lots of FSX users and some companies are just arrogant.
I am also in the Addon business for 3 years now. Sceneries and Soundsets.
Sales FS9/FSX are about the same out of approx. 1000 Sales its 50%FSX and 40% FS9
10% Both
And just to say you "fs9 guys" should change because of this and that and accept it, is just arrogant and sry retarded.
Got lot of friends having real high end systems. Most of them flying Both Sims and some of them prefering FS9. But i have never heard or read of any FS9 user beeing that arrogant as some FSX Users and some developers, who constantly try to force others to change for no reason.
I fully understand the compile/resample and converting progress is a real pain in the ass, espescially if you are familiar with the easier FSX scenery design methods and tools...HD textures etc.
But we should never forget that we are one huge Flightsim community, this makes so unique.
So FSX Users and other developers dont force FS9 users to change.


Anonymous said...

I dont get it.
Everyone wants the newest hardware,iPhone,OS or the fastest CPU or tablet.
why not the newest version of microsoft flight simulator? why to stay on a state of 2004? is it nostalgy? why not fsx? what is wrong with it? thats right!! fsx cost only few dollars!
i mean we all love to have the newest call of duty version. why not fsx or prepare3d if "flight" dosen't support any addons?
i bought flight for my xbox 360 and yeah it is funny! but fsx is the best if you wish some 3rd party stuffs on a fast computer. why not the latest?

PVF said...

Well, how do I explain this?

Latest is not always the greatest. Don't forgetr that most FS9 users have come from previous versions of FS, and we all made the transition to the next generation. We just stopped at FS9 and didn't move to FSX for... many different reasons. Each person has it's own.

Mine is because FSX won't allow me to run my fully custom AI at 100% in big airports. No matter the HW (and I have a very good PC), it just doesn't like AI.

Also, I enjoy running FS9 (extremely customized over the course of 10 years purchasing payware and adding very good freeware) at any time of day, at full 60 FPS no matter where I go and with no risk of OOMs or other anoyances.

FSX (8 years old) doesn't bring anything worthwhile for me to make the switch besides abundance of good quality VC's. The rest are useless gimmicks. "Whateverflows", high res cows, 4096 textures are just marketing words with no real effect on the enjoyment of your sim experience.

In the end that's what matters the most. That everyone enjoys its Flight Sim experience, regardless of its version. We respect FSX users and respect their choice. We just wish we had the reciprocate treatment from FSX users and a growing number of developers.

musicalaviator said...

If we wait for Orbx to do YPAD and YSSY, then FSX will never ever have scenery of YPAD or YSSY at any point in time. I don't care who does YPAD and YSSY, I just want it done well... and YSSY better have a road that goes under 16R/34L and Taxiway A B and C. (and then up and over a highway interchange then back underground as it crosses the 07 centreline approach lights.)

Textures would be good too.

FS9ers have the VistaOZ scenery still available at the OZx download section for FS9. It covers YSSY with a *REALLY REALLY GOOD* YSSY.

FSX has the default YSSY scenery and a few free afcad addons to make the taxiways somewhat resemble real life.

I hope Aerosoft (or anyone for that matter) all the best in making Australian airports. Especially since Orbx's boss has specifically said that they will NOT be making any more "Large International Airports" in the Australian region. This includes YPDN, YMHB, YPPH, YPAD and YSSY. Fortunatley YPDN was done by Ants Aussie Scenery (Really well too). YPAD is in this announcement. YSSY is a rumor which has some credibility. I hope they turn out some fine products with good texturing, moving jetbridges, correct taxiway layouts and positioning compatible with default layouts (Vatsim ATC's wish) and Good looking scenery.

Anonymous said...

What a hack. First you ridicule others for not sharing your own self rightous opinion, then tell us to have a nice day. Really? You may want to take your own advise about growing up....

Anonymous said...

Rene' orbx have already stated they are not doing anymore BIG international airports including adelaide perth sydney etc so how is aerosft invading orbx territory ? us aussies always have our airports forgotten about and its about time they started to get some attention because we have a lot of great airports... hopefully flytampa comes to the party of that cheeky little announcement made not long ago about it, that would be something special. cheers.tim

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