Thursday, January 24, 2013

New shots of Stapleford

FSX/P3D. Russ White shows off more screenshots of Stapleford EGSG airfield for EU England. The good news ? 1 week to go...

Stapleford Abbots, in the north of London.

More screenshots :


Rustam said...

Well, considering how MANY addons Orbx plans to release ( in the coming 18 months, or roughly - 2 addons per month - they seem to be a bit late with entering beta for EGSG, don't they?!?

Anonymous said...

What? Late entering beta? What sort of stupid comment is that? If Orbx say they are releasing X number of airports for the UK this year, I have no reason to doubt them because of all the FS developers out there, they are the only ones who tend to deliver on their promises, almost to the week. I would bet on their delivery schedule for these airports and personally I cannot wait for these VFR airports in the UK, it's going to be like PNW all over again (claps hands!!!!)

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