Thursday, January 31, 2013

Orbx Stapleford part 1/2 : Our own screenshots

FSX/P3D. Second airfield for FTX EU England. And a third already coming (Shoreham), and 10 more later... !  I am really fond of this one because there is a remarkable mix between all Flow techs. Everything is seamlessly integrated. There is LIFE here.

 Orbx FTX Stapleford Abbotts EGSG

















More on this new product ?
Airdailyx February 2013
Our own screenshots
Settings : ATI CARD HD6570 Average quality.
Orbx FTX EU England + patch 01 installed.
New library installed Orbxlibs Version 130125


Anonymous said...

Now I REALLY appreciate what you guys do for us simmers, BUT ... please learn how to use Spell and Grammar checkers.

"Found" should be "Fond" in the context used.

Now I realise English may not be your first language, however this site is read by an increasing number of people and poor spelling/grammar reflects a carelessness detracting from the info which you seek to impart.

Anonymous said...

Go easy on him dude! He setup this site to improve his English. Don't like it, piss off to Avsim.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pictoral review, Mason. It seems what obx preview/product pictures shows very sharp on their system. Now I see that not all computers really render the kind of graphics the developer is pandering to us consumers. But then again, I suppose Dom and other reviewers on this blog should upgrade their system to properly reflect the texture sharpness, etc that is truely worthy of a pictoral review. Having said that, and given the product graphics represented on your system, I will not purchase this product as it looks terrible to me.

Mason Dominique said...

I appreciate this last comment, but, sincerely, no. I will not change my computer now, since i already did 16 months ago.
It's not a race. I thing i have a middle core rig that's fit a lot of configurations in Europe and in the world.
I know that on US Market, you can find a great rig for a few hundreds bucks but that's only in USA. And specific.
I wil change my rig around summer-fall 2013.
It's time for developers to OPTIMIZE their products to catch the maximum personal computers !

Mason Dominique said...

But hell yeah.. my graphic card is reaching the limit... i can change that :)

Immanuel said...

Nearly all of the official ORBX preview-pics are (extremly) edited for advertising.
Within the other regions I do not have such issues shown at the pics above. But ORBX England is the only FTX-region I do not own and never will do in the future. So I can`t check this case myself.

Anonymous said...

I wish people would stop with the Orbx hate. Their screenshots are NOT extremely edited. Ian Emms makes most of them and he has said many times of their forums all he uses is ENBSeries (JV's settings from their forums) and REX. That's it. Probably the two most common enhancements used for FSX.

Personally I found Dom's screenshots to be pretty bad too. He seems to be using Shade or some really crappy shader mods which gives everything a really bland appearance.

There are many customer shots of ESGS on their forums and they represent the product equally as well as the official Orbx shot.

Anyway despite all that, I find it rather amusing that people not purchase something on the basis of a few rather poorly made screenshots.

I bought England the day it was released and SP1 made it even better. Now I have two VFR airports to fly between, Shoreham to come very soon and dozens more coming this year. To me, Orbx has made my UK VFR flying into a dream come true and those holding out are just being a bit obstinate for no known reason or having a squinny about "my town is 300 yards out of position".

I removed the Horizon VFR photoreal off my HD the moment Orbx came along, and it will never, ever be installed again.

Bring on Wales!!!

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