Thursday, January 31, 2013

Lot's of chatter about the Q-400

FSX. Yes, even the developers visit ADX and read a lot of comments posted by our readers. There were quite a few comments regarding the different purchase options and levels of complexity regarding the Q-400 including start up procedures in my previous article. We'll the guys at Majestic have responded and here is what they have to say...
[Video included]


This may not be one of the previews that you are eager to see, but there have been many questions/statements regarding having to flip a million switches before getting the aircraft to start. Well let me ...attempt to ease that concern for those who are interested, this has been done in several of the Alpha and Beta previews as well (some have not been correctly done - this may have a few non-standard procedures as well)

Bear in mind that the start procedure is fairly simple and straight forward, and if you don't really care to use the checklists, the start can be achieved in about 1 minute and 20 seconds. The option of FSX's default CTRL+E for engine start is not permissible.

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Martin said...

Looks great, SOUNDS amazing, appears at/around PMDG quality level.. Only thing missing is a release day. I'm in for this one.

Anonymous said...

This was an update I was exceptionally happy to see! :)
The more like the real procedure the simulated is, the more fun I have... I am really enjoying myself with all the recent stuff...


Anonymous said...

Yip...I'm definitely excited about this. The sounds are spot on.

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