Friday, January 25, 2013

ImagineSim KCLT!

FS9/FSX. Our good firends Cal and Fran at ImagineSim are quity busy these days and they have a lot of plans in store for us. Today, we get the very first preview shot of KCLT in progress! "We're moving forward from KATL and introducing a lot of new and high quality modelling..."

KCLT is coming along nicely. We're moving forward from KATL and introducing a lot of new and high quality modelling to this product. All 2D work is finished and in place. The vast number 

of airfield structures have just been completed with just the main airport buildings left to do. FS2004 release is expected around March with the FSX version following a month later.

More info at also read our recent Interview with ImagineSim on out interviews page!

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Anonymous said...

I've been waiting for a CLT remake for a long, long time. This looks very good. I'm just curious why IS creates the FS9 version first followed by the FSX version when most developers work in the opposite direction to take advantage of the newer technology in FSX. FS9 versions ported to FSX don't seem to performs as well as FSX native sceneries. Dom, D'Andre...did you ask IS about this during your interview?

Anonymous said...

My only request to these guys is that they mip map their textures. Their ATL scenery is really nice, but the lack of mip maps on the textures causes it to shimmer at a distance. It's an easy fix.

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