Sunday, January 27, 2013

MilViz 737. Watch the 3rd pre-beta live now!

FSX.P3D. Our friends at MilViz are cracking away quite well on their 737 project. With the latest screenshot released today, they explain the hard work that has to go into the features of every switch, gauge, and function. This may even be more complex modeling than the CS variant of this classic aircraft.


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Anonymous said...

will they be doing a 737 200 / 300 version aswell

i thought they were before

the only other 737 200 out there one is the wilco version

Anonymous said...

There are three main 737 variants:
- Original series (100/200)
- Classic series (300/400/500)
- Next Generation (600/700/800/900)
Wilco did the Classic and afaik no -200, but CaptainSim has a 100/200 product line.

Anonymous said...

Just looking at Wilco's make me puke. First of all, the model itself is completely wrong, and textures looks terrible. The engine spool is just an image, not an animation!!! If they first use time on a project like that, they should do it properly. (I'm talking about Wilco's here. MilViz' original series looks amazing)

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