Sunday, January 27, 2013

Wales announced

FSX/P3D. It's an Orbx week-end. After glimpses from Stapleford and Shoreham, after PeopleFlow updates, here is... FTX EU Wales. Announced yesterday by John Venema.

John Venema :
" We're not that far from beginning to show you preview screenshots from the beta region ".
More info on FTX EU Wales :
What John Venema also said today :
SAK [South Alaska] previews coming this week or early February].



Anonymous said...

Wales a region ? Wow they make the regions smaller each time :O

Anonymous said...

JV has promised a "surprise" to make up for the small size of the region. Let's see what that turns out to be. To be honest a lot of work goes into their regions regardless of size so I am happy to purchase really.

Anonymous said...

Great pics, but I'm waiting for SAK personally because its made by the same experienced crew that did the NZ region packs

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