Saturday, January 26, 2013


[PRO HARDWARE] To all those who have ever dreamed of an elaborate setup, here's one of the worlds leading manufacturers on home cockpit design. If you don't have the cash, you are welcome to drool. If you do have the cash, here are some companies based out of Canada.

These products ship all over the world, and are contrary to some of the best and industry leading talent when it comes to craftsmanship, detail and realism.  Take a look at some of the home simulator projects that people have created using Flight Deck Solutions (FDS) for their home built simulator.

777 Project

NGX project

NGX project

787 project (NEW)

NGX project (fully complete) with integrated back lighting (IBL)

A320 project

JETMAX NGX (smaller desktop simulator) for those who are not looking to take up to much space.

Night lighting of JETMAX
 NGX project

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