Saturday, December 10, 2011

DeVinci San Diego : Hot test

FSX. San Diego KSAN is released. Second FSX project from DdeVinci 3de and first payware. This is also the very first San Diego payware airport for FSX, after many attempts by other developers.

DeVinci San Diego KSAN X

Hot test

Second airport from Devinci (Sagga Toure), after Kobe in Japan.

Version tested : V.1.0
Framerate : very friendly.
25 fps announced with NGX, UTX, REX etc.

8-12 fps on my own test with 75 % autogen and 40 % aircrafts  (old config : quadcore 2,33 ghz, ATI  HD5850).

The bad : 

* More photoreal textures could have been added on terminals

* Price quite expensive for a first payware.

The good :

* Airport surroundings are designed too with some hotels, new buildings, parking lots, harbors.

* High definition ground textures, runway and taxiways.

* Promising developer.

The green tone of the runway edge 
is really accurate, after many tests.

Harbors and hotels around the airport.

A whole network of car traffic around the airport

Hundred of night lights.

Hot test Airdailyx december 2011

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Anonymous said...

I like the scenery, but as you have stated, its a bit overpriced for what the offer. The jetways are FSX standard (which I think they could of made some own due to its cost) and some buildings just dont look right.

Its a great first effort and I hope they learn from this project

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