Saturday, December 10, 2011

Another exclusive interview ? Carenado !

5 questions to Fernando Herrera, founder, CEO of Chilian companies Carenado and Alabeo.

1) Airdailyx : Fernando, you are likely allocating 70-75 % of your projects to FSX and 20-25 % to X Plane. Do you think this ratio will evolve soon and why ?

Fernando Herrera : Yes, it will evolve. Not because we will slow down FSX, but because X Plane production should increase in the following months due to all the experience we have gained in porting our FSX fleet to XPlane. We even develop our current FSX products thinking in XPlane. I will say 60% vs 40%.

2) Airdailyx : You are definitely the specialist of single/twin engines GA aircrafts. Do you have some plans to adress new kind of aircrafts ? Chopers ?

Fernando : We are crossing the border of piston and single engine aircraft. We will check how is this endeavor goes. I meant the C90, PA46T and not announced yet aircraft.

3) I was a bit sarcastic when i wrote that Alabeo will probably sell some low cost products or "sub-products". Tell me i am wrong. What will be our benefits for us, customers ? 

We are targeting a different segment of customers. We would like to reach customers who want to have fun and have an experience that he or she would never have. We know there are people who want to fly around and see outside, do fun maneuvers and have challenges. All of them are Alabeo customers.
Alabeo, at the beginning, will release less sophisticated aircraft, but people could be sure they will be non conventional and very fun to flight.

4) Can you tell us a word about your team ? How do you work in Chile ? 

We are a multi-disciplinary team of 12 people. Most of us are based in Chile. The rest are spread around the world. My partner and me are private pilots who enjoy very much making aircraft for the community.

5) Prepar3D, FLIGHT, X-Plane 10. Do you have time and money to invest in all these new platforms ? What do you think of them ?

No, we don't have time nor money. We have to choose our battles. Today there is no relevant information about them, so until we don't have a clear idea of them, we will continue pursuing our current strategy.

Thank you very much for your time.

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