Thursday, December 15, 2011

Orbx Wollongong : our own screenshots

FSX. Wollongong YWOL. Some screenshots i took a few days ago. AUStralia Blue pack strongly advised to enjoy the airport surroundings.

File : 796 MB.
Framerate : best on mid-end and high-end processors.


More info :


Anonymous said...

Looks great!

Anonymous said...

ORBX looks great higher than some 100-200 ft AGL. After t/o is looks great but at the ground level this photo terrain, especially concrete and asphalt, looks simply not good enough in my opinion. Compare with any other addon with GMAX apron polygons (actually most of FSX airport). Sure, this requires much more work but the effect is much better too.

Anonymous said...

Yes I also had the same thought a year or two ago, but perhaps you did not know there is a tool called FTX_AERO that applies a hi-res ground effect to the concrete or asphalt photoreal areas, with this it looks great!

Anonymous said...

I am judging from the screenshots above. Maybe with that tool it looks better!

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