Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Does AVSIM understand the word "technological" ?

AVSIM just posted that Antarctica X is "one of the most technological advanced series ever created".
Right or Wrong ?
Come on ! Although i am totally found of this scenery, a premiere in FSX history, i cannot stand this kind of remark, especially from AVSIM.... Say that Flightbeam KSFO or FSDT KLAX or FLY TAMPA LGAV are technologically advanced but not Antarctica.
It's a totally different kind of work. It's a patient documentation work, thousands hours of texturing and modeling stations... What's your opinion ?


Anonymous said...

AVSIM have vested interests (as do and others) in certain products and so tend to produce lop-sided and glowing reviews depending on said interests, this is why most of what you read needs to be compared at other more independent review houses... Mutley's for example.. if you are to get the true picture

Its sad but I guess money spins many wheels

Anonymous said...

I've stopped reading their news stories & reviews years ago. Avsim are very out of touch; you can see this demonstrated in their over moderated forums. As soon as a thread starts to get interesting, in pops a forum moronator to lock it.

I prefer sites like this. The news is up to date & interesting.

Maybe airdaily should add a forum?
Give the site a facelift too & its a winner.

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