Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Stavanger Sola : our own screenshots

FSX. Another work from Jo Erlend (Oslo, Trondheim...). With Stavanger, there are four very good FSX norwegian airports - paywares - to explore this country. [FSDT still selling the nice Bergen airport].
File : 213 MB
Framerate : very friendly on a low-end quadcore.
Manual : German/English (8 pages only in english, no charts).
Price : 18 € / 23,5 $ : very fair considering the time spent on this project (4/5 months).
Stavanger ENZV is a mid/heavy airport with a dozen of jetways, one main terminal and some other aprons. Custom - and very effective - ground textures around the airport.
A lot of possible connections to Bergen, Oslo, Trondheim, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Edimburgh etc...

Screeshots taken with ATI HD5850 at average quality settings.
Very high autogen.

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