Saturday, December 17, 2011

Simaddons Prince George : hot test

FSX. Ralf Eisenegger has developed another British Columbian airport. Prince George CYXS. Good opportunity to fly in western Canada. Especially with incoming Orbx Ketchikan PAKT.



File : 31,5 MB
Version tested : V.1.0 with Orbx Northern Rockies Mountain.
Framerate : Smooth even with Orbx NRM (on old quadcore 2,33 Ghz).
Installation :
Purchase : sometimes it's manually and you have to send an email.
otherwise, usually there is a custom page with access to paypal paiement.
Installation very easy but need to register the folder manually in FSX library.

Included custom cars traffic around airport and near terminal.

The bad :

* As usual with Simaddons, you need the base pack with Halifax that includes special features.

* Comparing Simaddons work and the real airport on Google Earth, more details could have been added.

The good :

* As usual with Simaddons, you get some nice features (deicing, iced runway, opening hangars.)

* Interesting location near Kelowna (270 nm), Vancouver (285 nm), Skagit (330 nm), Ketchikan (325 nm), Anchorage (1000 nm) etc

The airport in winter

People waiting inside the teminal are still cartoon-like.

The yellow line shows Simaddons custom photoreal grounds
versus Orbx NRM on the right.

All screenshots taken with ATI HD5850 settings on average.
Taken with Orbx Northern Rockies.

More screenshots from developer's website

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Anonymous said...

Cet aéroport est encore un modèle de conception, d'une très grande qualité de réalisation et un niveau de détails rarement vu dans FSX. Même s'il faut au départ la scène de l'aéroport d'Halifax qui en passant possède à elle seule le "must" dans le détails et qualité, le concepteur est aujourd'hui le plus productif dans flight simulator X.

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