Monday, December 5, 2011

Antarctica X : Hot test !

FSX. Largest addon scenery ever for FSX. Dozens of stations and ice runways. McMurdo impressive installations and runway...



The bad :

* FSX limitation : FSX did not design accurately the south Pole, so Antarctica X cannot, neither.

* The choosen solution Scenery + Aircraft = high price

* No animals (or very few).

The good :

* Three years of work, 7 highly detailed bases and dozens of ice runways.
  The opportunity to discover for the first time in virtual flight simulation, this seclusive "continent"

* A lot of aircrafts and chopers can be used here. Icebers, islands, montains, short runways, very large ice runways..

* Expecting an update to enhance more and more this huge scenery.

* Challenging flights due to lack of ATC, navaids, due to weather, runways conditions..etc.

Enroute from Isla Rey Jorge to Mariambo

Enroute from Isla Rey Jorge to Mariambo

Enroute from Isla Rey Jorge to Mariambo

Mariambo runway

Marambio base from Argentina

DHC-6 Twin Otter

The DHC 6 Twin-otter virtual cockpit

Scott station, not very far from McMurdo.

McMurdo gigantic runway and ice apron !

Caseay station

In some areas, you can see a mix of
FSX classical synthesized textures and photoreal ones.

Around Mario Zuchelli Station.

Somewhere around Mario Zuchelli Station

Some charts available on the manual.

More shots here :


Hot test is copyrighted, Airdailyx dec. 2011

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Biggles said...

I did not realise that Antarctica was so big! Flights between bases using the Twin Otter or similar can take several hours! You'll need a big overcoat!

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