Thursday, December 22, 2011

And now... Phuket VTSP

FSX. Jtanabodee, founder of ASA (Samui airport) is working on Phuket airport VTSP in Thailand, one of fifth largest airports in this country. ASA was also to co-work with Thai Creation on Macao airport (no update on this).

No further info on release date.

Souce site :


Anonymous said...

There is actually a really good Phuket (Freeeware) by Prasong on for FS9

He does some really amazing sceneries including VTBD (the previous Bangkok Intl)

Anonymous said...

But this is FSX...., big difference.

But if you read on FSDeveloper forum, you see this is a rework of that freeware scenery, converted to FSX by Jtanabodee.

From FSDeveloper forum:

"My project on VTSP is almost done. It was done in FS9 by Prasong. I am converting with permission of his to FSX."

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