Monday, December 19, 2011

France VFR sceneries... status.

FSX. The french designer - who is always announcing a lot of stuff - but eventually release 2 or 3 products a year, is still working on Haute-Normandie VFR region with 3D Automation feature. In the meantime, it might release 2 "Photo" sceneries, Picardie and Basse-Normandie, two regions in west of France, in a few days...

Up-to-date pictures of Haute-Normandie awaited scenery, based on photoreal textures and 3D automation, the promising custom autogen generator :
To be released in early/mid January.

More info on France VFR :


Anonymous said...

Looks good. I wonder if they'll redo la region d'Île-de-France w/ this.

-David M.

Kevin Firth said...

Can you find out if FranceVFR are still intending to licence the 3d autogen scenery for other sceneries please Dom?

Kevin Firth said...

Unless they are intending to market sceneries in those other areas as well themselves, it would make sense to include all features I think. More features after all = more sales and revenue. I wouldn't have thought it difficult for lawyers to come up with licence terms that protect their product base and allow simmers in other scenery areas to benefit from the full features (at an acceptable price!). Would be interesting if they'd give you an interview on where they see that side of things going?

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