Monday, August 20, 2012

Hush-Hush, Intersim ?

ADX Corporate News. It was just an email, a hello... We were rather surprised. But apparently yes, there is a new Intersim Studios on earth. Or, it is a really good joke? Well in a word...
No. Its not a joke. At least for now.

The name InterSim does bring back some very interesting memories. This time however, its a completely new team with no relation to the headache that is now defunct. It's a completely new development team and let's not hold their name against them.

So, who are the names behind this? Three rather well known programmers in FS world: Glenn Johnson, Salvador Godoy and Doug Roth. Our fact checking has turned results that all 3 members have worked on airports in the past. Projects include freeware projects like LosAngeles, Oakland and some popular afcad work. Good resumes...

From their first contact with us, they are targetting Van Nuys aiport they say "we are about to develop".

If it's true (we are waiting for tangible information on the project) well.. long live...

As we get more news, we will pass it on to you all.

Dom & D'Andre


Anonymous said...

They should target something else as aerosoft is currently working on their version which should prove promising with Limesim's Greater L.A. area! Maybe John Wayne or Burbank

Anonymous said...

SCAM alert! SCAM alert!

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