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Eiresim Dublin AXED?

ADX comic depicting Terry and Gary during the Eiresim Lution vs. UK2000 Luton issue back in 2011
It seems Terry is not too happy to hear that Aerosoft is planning a release of Dublin. According to Terry, from the looks of things, Eiresim DUB Ulitimate may be canceled. Hmmm.. reminds me of an issue concerning Luton airport a while back. Even despite that, Gary is still going to make his version of Luton airport anyway... So I guess Terry should proceed with his... that is... if he ever actually finds the time to work on it. Here is what he had to say... UPDATED: Mathijs' Kok responds.
"It has come to my attention (and I'm sure to many Eiresim customers) that Aerosoft are currently developing Dublin EIDW also and this has put a serious dint in my endeavours to release Eiresim Dublin Ultimate. I was quite shocked to see that Aerosoft were also developing Dublin as it was last January when I first put into place plans to develop Dublin again. I'm now at a crossroads as to continue with Dublin. I have recently began to continue the development on Dublin and it really is coming together nicely but unfortunately it is hard to compete with a large company like Aerosoft for sales which is sad as I have invested quite a lot of money into Aerial Imagery etc to date on Dublin which will potentially be a loss to myself. Remember Eiresim is myself and myself only so when another company develops the same airport it really hits hard.


Well this is very interesting indeed. Darren worked very hard on those models dedicated to the DUB project. There is a topic on the Aerosoft forum where members are suggesting a co-op between the two. I think this is a good idea as Terry has been very clear he has no time at the moment to work on the project.

I guess we will just see how this goes...

Here is an excerpt of Mathijs' responce to this as well:

"First of all, and I know this sound strange, we do not spend a lot of time looking at competition when we start a project. We got our own customers, our own large boxed distribution and we got a professional department that (when possible) sells the products we create for FSX and X-Plane 10. I actually doubt we knew about Eiresims project. But as said, even if we did we might not have decided different.

Secondly, when we know about other projects we will look to see if we can compete. And that has a lot to do with resources. Money if you want. Getting AESLite costs money and buying a good base images costs a lot more. Making an installer, adding some protection and doing a manual in 4 languages is damned expensive. So no matter how skillful a developer can be we often think we can compete on quality.

So is that a problem for small developers? Sure, it can be and that's why a lot of those developers are using our resources."

"...there are actually two more Dublin scenery projects we know of. One of those is probably dead, but the other is alive. As the developer is ripping sat images from webapps we are not very afraid though, no serious shop will sell that."        

To read his full statement click here:



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Anonymous said...

We really are seeing a trend here: a lot of duplication of effort. And surprisingly, we are not seeing all that much duplication of major airports, but airports people really don't care about.

Yet major parts of the world are untouched. For example, Japan, Russia! India, China, the Middle East, and Africa have barely been touched. This is a lot of real estate. We still don't have Prague or Tokyo, but we have two of Honduras. What gives?

Anonymous said...

Aerosoft sometimes behaves as a huge corporation bullying smaller companies. Sad!

DAndre Newman said...

We'll the good thing is that FSDG will release Prague Q42012

Anonymous said...

Simple, China, Japan, Russia, Africa don't sell enough! no market!

Anonymous said...

'Terry has been very clear he has no time at the moment to work on the project.'

Then, while feelings of sadness and frustration may be understandable, he has no room for complaint.

I do understand the difficulties of a small developer having to devote time away from development to, I don't know, feed him/herself maybe.

But. I have no patience for those who expect customers/the rest of the development community to wait until they sort themselves out.

The lion does not wait for the zebra to get better so there can be a proper chase.

Anonymous said...

DXB is the code for Dubai - DUB is Dublin. Was there a Dubai project cancelled?

DAndre Newman said...

Sorry. Yes and no! I had DXB on my mind for another reason. I corrected it. Thanks!

DAndre Newman said...

Very valid point. Terry did mention he is working on it but i'd like to see what progress was made as the lion-share thus far was compiled by Darren.

Anonymous said...

I think there is a market, a sizeable market for airports in Russia, China, Japan, etc. Look at LHSim and Drzewiecki Design, Hungary and Poland aren't often thought about, but those developers put out products of amazing quality. That quality is often enough to be the market, and to create or bolster the market, no matter the region of the world. I would imagine there is naturally a larger market for Japan than for a lot of other areas (ie Hungary) that have been successful and created a following. But it ultimately depends on the developers and their interests to develop certain sceneries. In the case of Japan and Russia, I would say the lack of interest from developers to date is more a reason these regions haven't been done well rather than a lack of market. As I said above, any amazing product can create a market.

Anonymous said...

China and India have a billion people each. Who says there is no market? Of course many of their people are dirt poor, but there are millions of wealthy propel in both countries. Their governments probably would not object to flight sim add ons ( non-political & non-pornographic)

Generally, people want to play with scenery in their home area and the areas which are accessible from their home area. Narita, for example is a major hub for United, so American simmers would probably find it more interesting than Dublin. Similarly, American simmers would be more interested in Moscow than Ekaterinaberg.

Plus , do we need three or four Dublins? I have no interest in either of the new Dublins because I already have one. Why shoul I get a second, third or fourth? Of course developers will then complain about alack of sales.

Anonymous said...

They have billions of people, how many of them like FS? of those who like FS how many have money, of those who have money who can purchase via the internet?

DAndre Newman said...

You guys have to remember, 95% of what Aerosoft puts their name on is not developed by Aerosoft itself. People from those countries need to rise up and develop projects. DDesign and LHSim are proving Eastern European destinations are in demand. It will only get better for them. We simply need people ti rise out of East Asia and make projects. Overland is one example. The sad thing for them, they are more into Sudoku.

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