Friday, August 24, 2012

Polish Airports 3 FSX / part 2/2 : hot test

FSX. More details of this last Polish airports volume. Thanks to Drzewiecki Design team, there are now10 polish airports for Poland (including Cracovia) and 11 with Lublin, soon.
Version tested : FSX V.0.
File size : 1,24 GB !
Installation : Very easy. Automated.
Manual : yes (4 pages) + three files for the charts of EPBY EPPO and EPWR.
Framerate : 25 to 30 at gate aboard PMDG NGX. More than 30 on the runway.
(I7 3,44 Ghz, 6 MB RAM, ATI HD6570 at average settings, REX installed
all FSX sliders at max, but no Ai traffic installed).
The bad :
* Lack of houses and buildings around some airports.
* Alignments of trees can be better.
The good :
* The price : 25 euros / 31 $ is quite competitive (7 euros / 10 $ ) for one airport. And they are all very detailed.
* The great care brougt to the terminals and the surroundings (parking lots, people, traffic.., static aircrafts).
A very good chart, found in the main manual, shows the airports of the first, second and third Polish volumes. Here, in white circles, locations of Bydgoszcz, Poznan  and Wroclaw in the south. Poznan and Wroclaw are pretty large airports. All of them have modern terminal. And DD has really took a great care of their architecture.

Grounds textures : as usual, very good on taxiways, aprons and runways. Even parking lots will have very good custom textures. You can feel here the sensation of the relief of the asphalt.

Another specialty from DD, trees. The team uses its proper library. And you can see dozens of trees types around the airports. Howerver, their alignement is not always natural looking. But you are not supposed to walk around...
* * * * *

That's the kind of details i like. You can see an open garage and an access to the taxiways.  Look at the details of the front building...

* * * * *
A as... Architecture

The roof of Wroclaw main terminal is just amazing.
And this one, i think it"s from Poznan. Roof textures are quite good and include shadows.
Photoreal textures everywhere on these terminals, day and night, where you can feel the
* * * * *

The old terminal of Wroclaw is very detailed too, with parking lots, posters, people, signs...

We are still in Wroclaw, near the old terminal. I regret that there isn' more houses and buildings here.
Same critic with Poznan.

Probably Wroclaw here too. I wanted to show you the size of the photoreal area around the airport. Approaching the airport is wonderful with so much details around.

* * * * *

The next two shots is a comparison between DD's work and Google Earth real view (the taxiway was not really in this one) :


* * * * *
And to finish, these are three shots from Bydgoszcz
Here, Stanislas has added the whole city with many custom photoreal buildings.

And again, the very well designed architecture of Bydgoszcz terminal.
The textures are clean, there is shadow effects, and could almost feel the materials.

Conclusion :
All the knowledge of the team is in this package, from when they were founded, more than 6 six years ago. Also included the home made detailed libraries of trees and static aircrafts.
Wroclaw is unavoidable if want to flight to/from Poland. It's a modern international airport and the old terminal has a lot of charming details.
Thanks !
Airdailyx August 2012
Dom Mason

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