Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Sindal almost finished

FSX. John, founder of Vidan Design (Bornholm..) has posted several updates of Sindal, an airport in the north of Denmark. I am not talking enough of Vidan  because i am less attracted by airfields but the work here, reaches Realism and a touch of Art. Sindal is to be released very soon.
Runway length = 3 800 feets (!)


An older screenshot shows here the level of quality  :




Anonymous said...

I bought their Herning and Saeby scenery a few weeks ago and highly recommend it, it works great in Prepar3D too.

The Saeby (EKSA) Runway 12 approach is amazing, as you descend into a small valley and land on an upwardly sloping runway.

Anonymous said...

OMG...look at this on their website:


Anonymous said...

Bornholm to Herning and Saeby are my favourite European short hop routes when I fly the Duke turbine :-)

I can't wait for this new Vidan gem!

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