Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Latin VFR Bermuda 2/2 Hot test

FS9/FSX. Latest airport from Latin VFR under our scrutiny. There are many sceneries out there these last days, time to choose some and discard others...



Version tested : FS9 V.1.0 and FSX V.1.0
File size : 540 MB (FSX)
Installation : Very easy / all automatic.
Manual : 2 manuals of 10 and 27pages, charts included.
Framerates :
Around 20/22 from L.F. Wade gate aboard NGX VC.
Around 25/30 fps on external views.
Around 25/30 on Carenado recent aircraft from cockpit.
tests on ATI HD6570, average settings / I7 3,44 Ghz, 6 MB RAM.
Rex installed.

The Bad :

* Poor traffic on the islands except around the airport.
* The coastline could have been better ?
The Good :

* A complete scenery for Liners and VFR pilots as well.

* The details : birds, boats, good AFCAD (tested on MYTraffic Lite), quality of textures, grounds and houses.

* Very detailed manual.

* High resolution textures and HD mapping.

The main manual includes many charts of the airport,
especially ground and final approach (VOR DME and ILS runway 12/30).
For instance, there are no departure procedures.
Waypoints are those coming from New York Center's radar.

Here are some ground textures, grass, taxiways and runway. Take a look by zooming the screenshot here and you will appreciate the level of detail (and it's taken from my usual ATI medium settings).
There are also some volumetric grass around.

Maybe apart from the coastline,
 that is tricky to design on FSX (with mixed water and grass textures),
the whole island is covered with custom houses,
several kind of trees and custom landclass textures and landmarks.

Commissioner's house with the old cannons.

The Bermuda Annex peninsula, from L.V.F. and below, Google Earth.

And the same view from Google Earth.

ILS approach runway 31.

* *  * * *
P like... Photoreal

Here is a serie of four screenshots,
showing the various types of houses and their custom photoreal textures.

* * * *

Bermuda is a "British overseas territory" according to Wikipedia definition.
The red telephon box is a proof !

Many trucks and service vehicules on the main apron.

Conclusion :
L.V.F. Bermuda. What's all about ? We are talking about a very large scenery of 25 km long and which includes the international airport of L.F Wade. Shure, it's located more than 600 NM from main airports on the U.S east coast but i think - tell me if i am wrong - that's its the first full coverage of the whole island Bermuda in FS history !? (FWI scenery was limited to the airport from my record).

The airport is very well depicted. It even includes 2 or 3 static aircrafts, open hangar, and animated traffic on the causeway bridge and the main terminal. Let's say  that the island could have been a little bit better, and i am just talking about the coastline rendition. But i am not shure what would be required to improve it. A better mesh ? I don't know.
Four days after its release, Bermuda is still n°1 best seller on a popular simshop.

Airdailyx / Dom Mason,
from the virtual L.V.F. Bermuda island.


Anonymous said...

great test, I bought it and its awesome!

Anonymous said...

It looks fairly average to me. Shame.

Anonymous said...

Fairly average????
While LVFR is no FSDT or FT, they make "above par" airports in my opinion. You look at the detail of the surrounding island and airport and it looks great!
Remember also the price is extremely reasonable for this kind of work!
I can't wait for their MHTG v2 now, if it's like this!

Anonymous said...

The price doesn't reflect the quality loss.

I've just got used to ORBX, FT, FSDT.
Even the freeware Philadelphia is 10 times better than this for FREE.

Anonymous said...

This scenery is not average, it is brilliant and I own FSDT sceneries too!

Anonymous said...

You don't need to buy, nor you need to trash it. If you don't like it then ask ORBX, FT, and FSDT or the philadelphia guys to do it for you, and then come back and trash the work from these guys after they make Bermuda better!

Anonymous said...

It is a really good scenery. There are still little "bugs" (small ones only) like missing textures for rotating beacon at the end of runway 30 and some light spots of the night texture are for my taste too bright. Could be solved easily in a small service pack.

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