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Taxi2gate Asuncion Part 2/2 Hot test

FS9/FSX. Rio Galeo, Bermuda, Polish Airports 3, and now Phoenix, Taxi2gate was not lucky to release its Asuncion this week. But this one is going to be THE unique stop in South America, nicely located between Sucre, Santiago, Rio etc..


Version tested : FSX V.1.0
File size : 606 MB
Installation : Very easy. Automated.
Manuals : No.
Framerate :
25 to 28 at gate aboard PMDG NGX.
More than 25/30 on the runway.
(I7 3,44 Ghz, 6 MB RAM, ATI HD6570 at average settings, REX installed
all FSX sliders at max, but no Ai traffic installed).

The bad :

* No manuals.

* No real buildings of Asuncion city.

The good :

* A very large area covered.

* Textures quality on the terminal and hangars. The volumetric grass.

* The choice of Asuncion.
[ The funny thing here, is that this scenery should also boost (it's my guess) sales of Sucre, Santiago, Buenos Aires etc...].

* * * * *

That is simply incredible, the scenery of Asuncion covers some 30 * 20 kilometers and includes the capital city, surroundings and main airport. This coverage is based on a very good photoreal layer and custom houses and builings (thousands if you set the autogen to maximum here).

For me - and probably for an european -, the place is very exotic with rusty colors, yellows etc.
I am repeating myself but the position is very interesting. We are approx. 550/600 NM from Sucre, Buenos Aires, Montevideo, Sao Paulo, Rio. And Brasilia, Santiago or La Paz are more or less at 800 nm.  

This screenshot should give you a good idea of the dimensions. The airport is so small from this angle.

At night, the photoreal ground is satured with reds, oranges and blues.

Somwhere, 15/20 kilometers from the center of Asuncion. All the city looks like this : custom buildings, parcs, streets. The city includes cars but the traffic is not perfectly adjuster on the roads. Editors should explain us why this a limitation. I saw the same thing in many other sceneries.
Anyway, around the airport, cars are moving on the right places !

City of Asuncion on the Paraguay river. Just one regret here, the developer did't include some real popular buildings in the center.

* * * * *

Look at these rusty rooves ! All the hangars reaches this level of quality. You will also find some eye candies (airplanes, people) etc. The next step is to add more objects around them (containers, petrol cans, ladders etc..). But this remark concerns many other editors.

It was still an option in Isla Mujeres, and now, Taxi2gate has fully included volumetric grass and flowers around the airport. Nice ! 

* * * * *

This is an example of Taxi2gate special talent on textures. The walls have traces of humidity. And, in the next screenshot below, hangars doors have shadows  in their corner. But not the first hangar, which is quite logical.. On this shot too, click to zoom and look at the grass and taxiway textures. It's a really great work.

Jetways are very detailed. This screenshot is a zoom. The scenery should be compatible with AES 2,25, i hope.

* * *  * *

Animated people... Some will like, others not. I still don't know were they are coming from. And who is selling those ? Apparently, there is a limited number : businessman, construction craft worker, businesswoman, guard.. But here, they don't look like passengers. I like them if they are at right place....

* * * * *
P as Photoreal textures

These two shots above gives a good idea of the quality of all plate glass windows. There are probably a dozen of different textures. The overall effect, here on the main terminal (arrivals/departures) is really looking good.

One small regret here. Despite the animated traffic on the road, there is no light ramps. But it's a four ways and it's serving the airport. Too bad, it's very dark.

That's something new, almost all hangars are enlighted in this scenery. You have other examples below. There are also a wide range of textures on the walls.

 Conclusion :
The scenery is very large and quality has reached quite high levels. A small update, someday,  should improve the overall impression. The road along the airport is too dark and a few popular buildings could have been included. Who knows...maybe soon.
But i dont want to delay T2G next work. I thing it's huge and most probably in USA....
Personally i bought it just for the excellent location in South America. I am already re-installing Sucre and La Paz airports !

Thanks !

More shots on Taxi2gate Asuncion :

Airdailyx August 2012
Dom Mason

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