Friday, August 24, 2012


FSX/P3D. The FSX version of FlightBeam KPHX has been released! Go get it NOW!!
Get it here!



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Anonymous said...

Is it still the FSDT installer?

Anonymous said...

Yes. All went well for me. Just disable norton.

Anonymous said...

Mir said this in his forum:
"I recommend MegaScenery Earth, or MegaScenery Phoenix. The default fsx surroundings makes Phoenix look lush and green. In reality it's extremely dry and dusty. MegaScenery gives you the right experience. Just make sure you place it UNDER KPHX in the scenery library"

After spending 40 dollars why must I buy another scenery in order to enhance the sorroundings of this airport? Flytampa where are you ??!!!

Anonymous said...

I recommend sim savvy. Get the whole country and be done with it. :)

Anonymous said...

D'Andre - are you planning a Hot Test anytime soon?

DAndre Newman said...

We'll I am hoping he will announce weather or not he is actually doing an FS9 version. I really, really want to but if I do an FSX impression, they will have to send us a press copy as currently I am still having the V-Sync issue with my ATI graphics card in FSX. Thus there is no point in my buying it at this point. But I can still take awesome shots in FSX, just that I won't be able to actually enjoy it...

DAndre Newman said...

It's very likely that Dominique may do a Hot Test in the mean time. If Amir does a FS9 version, then 100% I will do an Extensive impression with both FS9, FSX, and P3D shots included as currently we are getting P3D installed on our systems so see if it's really a worthwhile platform. I am not too excited about P3D as it does not support vistamare and Lockheed Martin has no plans to support it. ((-D'))

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