Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Some important words from Mir.

Mir has some very exciting words he wants to share! As for when KPHX will be released? Well.... Oh yeah!

Comment from Mir:

"Hi Folks,

Provided all goes well with the very last step of this production (DRM and installer), we will be releasing Phoenix Sky Harbor within days. I can't narrow it down, in case we run into any issues.

I can definitely say that it has reached 1.0 state and that the scenery is actually ready. We believe you will thoroughly enjoy this airport, and I want to make more airports for FSX. So it goes a VERY long way to tell your friends, and people in other forums. Your support for us means we get to do another airport.

See you on the flip side!"



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Anonymous said...

The night appearance is amazing. Although FSX lighting is only texture based it looks like the light comes from a real light source. In my opinion it even surpasses the night appearance of KLAX and KSFO X.

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