Thursday, August 30, 2012

MyTraffic 2013 : still not okay

FSX. Aerosoft is announcing the imminent release of MyTraffic 2013. I am not buying. Not, unless someone can provide more info.

First argument, there is still no serious informations about the installation process. Has it been improved and simplified ?
With the older one, you have several steps, you need to click a button to insert lines in a config file etc..

Second, the first screenshots posted by Aerosoft are disapppointing. The quality of the planes has not been improved, obviously. You don't see any screenshot of the cockpit external view (the older one was awful).

Third, the older version was not perfect. Aircrafts were installed in FSX simobjects\airplanes\ with all regular addons. Some airports showed curious black airplanes, and MyTraffic aircrafts are mixed with FSX defaut aircrafts.

I had a long time to experience MyTraffic Lite, MyTraffic 2011 and updates.
I am not buying this one unless serious explanations from the developer and/or editor.

Dom Mason


Yuri Kuit said...

best still is custom AI, although that is a lot of work to keep updated
but no other payware package comes close to this date (IMHO)

Mason Dominique said...

Hmm.. Not even Flight1 Ultimate traffic 2 ?

Anonymous said...

It is also not clear how MyTraffic 2013 fits with the others - is it meant to be a development of MyTraffic 2010 or an update of the 'professional' MyTraffic 5.4? Also, according to an email I got, Aerosoft have not decided which of the 'old' versions can be upgraded for a reduced price.

Brad said...

Ultimate Traffic 2 by Flight1 is pretty good BUT there are a few models that didn't make the final curtain call...The ATR models for example are poor, the OSP models so would have been a better call. I know there were Summer 12 plans released which is good to see that the pack still gets attention and updates but I have no idea how good these plans are....

The Traffic 2013 models are poor, so poor....I'll stick with AIFP and the native DIY installations with better models and paints

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