Sunday, April 15, 2012

VIDP. Brand New Delhi baby!

FS9/FSX. We have been waiting, and waiting, and waiting... Well patience is a virtue and that patience is about to pay off very soon! ImagineSim has finally released a screenshot of their latest project in progress and we are pleased! Damn pleased!

I will be honest, back in the day, I was not a fan of ImagineSim. I felt their work to be simplistic and bland. Now, ImagineSim is in my eyes the most improved developer in the market. If you go back to their earliest work and compare those to their most recent works, the differences is hands down, night and day. I am simply impressed. Well, their VIDP is clearly proving to be their most detailed and highest quality work to date and when it's finished, I am sure we all will be quite impressed indeed.

We are looking forward to this. I am already looking forward to reviewing it!!


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Anonymous said...

I share that same opinion, back in the early days their US scenerys werent worth (in my opinion my money) but Hong Kong Intl was a real break through and it looks fabulous, their Singapore Changi scenery was good too, not quite as sharp as Hong Kong with the photographic base the airport was built on but the modelling and textures were on point! Really hope Delhi is on the same level.

Anonymous said...

Poor quality products and arrogant customer support ! I'll pass .

Anonymous said...

True, their Hong Kong and Singapore products were well improved over their earlier and sad US airports. But their last work - Denver - had lots of problems in the demo and I never considered purchasing.

Brad said...

OOOOMMMGGGG seriously!?! We are still waiting! loool!

Brad said...

What kind of problems? Cos im actually looking at buying this one funny enough!

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