Thursday, April 19, 2012

Drzewiecki MIAMI city. Our thoughts...

FS9. Stanislaw of Drzewiecki Design has just released the long awaited MIAMI city scenery. I'll admit... I have some mixed feelings about the scenery. However, it was far worth the purchase. For $26 bucks you not only get something far better than the default offering, you get a very good looking approach into Miami as well.

Now keeping in mind this scenery was.. i'll use the term: "rescued" from another developer, there is honestly quite a lack of detail in the buildings. But, I have to keep in mind the fact that there are a lot of buildings. A whole lot! There is no way I can honestly expect all these buildings to encompass the ultra high quality Stan has the skill to produce. At least, not for 26 bucks. Besides, even Sasha of LimeSim who is well known for his US Cities projects may have a higher level of detail, but he is only doing city centers. The Miami area here is bigger. Far bigger. Even the Aerosoft Manhattan is mostly composed of default buildings. I also have to keep in mind that this project is not the inception of Drzewiecki Design but of a past developer known for not possessing the ability to bring projects to fruition.
Thus to that end, all I can do is thank Stan. For not only bringing us a product that we may have otherwise never seen, but giving it to us in such a timely manner at a very reasonable price. So no. I don't expect this to have the EPKK level of detail. And besides, most of my approaches into the Miami area either will be in a heavy or a business jet. To finally be able to see a fully populated looking city down there is just awesome!

What I also like here is the photo scenery teaming with thousands of auto-generated houses, buildings and trees. This city looks very populated! Couple this with Ricardo's (LatinVFR) KMIA scenery, and you get a damn good Miami product.

Now, even though I don't expect ultra high quality in these buildings, (there must be at least 200 buildings down there) I am hoping for an update. Firstly, the autogen does not flow into the main areas where the skyscrapers are. This gives a feeling that there is some sort of desert between downtown and the residential areas. See below photo:
Second, there are some buildings in here that just look... well... gross. What's going on here? Are these errors of some sort? I found a few buildings like this in the scenery...
Ultimately, I am pleased with the product. I won't be doing much VFR flying here but as I am below 250KIAS at 3,000AMSL with full flaps and gear down, I see just what I want to see. A highly dense and populated city breeze by under my exposed landing gear on final.

Thanks again Stan!

The product is now available as a free demo and paid version.

My screens were taken in FS9 with the paid version found on Simmarket:

Overall, i'm happy with the product. Well have another mini review with the FSX version when released.


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Anonymous said...

The autogen issue is described in the manual and it is refered to UT - try desabling it for a while.

DAndre Newman said...

By nature I don't use the UT lights in the USA or Europe as this is a well known conflict issue with autogen. I however did completely disable UT-USA and saw no change in the above area. I have no issues with autogen, only in that area.


Anonymous said...

Ah, ok. In this case this is how it should look like in FS9.

Anonymous said...

I guess that again Intersim Studios had teased us with something that they told us it looked amazing. The same happened with other ex-intersim studios projects. This people rescued the project but to be honest I am not so convinced of the quality. perhaps because is Fs2004.

Anonymous said...

Very nice scenery, especially during daytime. But the night textures are way too bright for me. Reminds me of the initial FSX night textures that were extremly bright. Gladly this was resolved by the GEX textures.

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