Sunday, April 29, 2012

Pearson coming alive

FSX. Patiently, Florian is building Toronton Pearson. Interesting progress on photoreal textures in front of terminal. 


Anonymous said...

Instead of saying : "wow, beautiful", or "interesting work" or "promising" whenever a new project is being worked on and that the quality is just not there, i suggest some people to call a cat, a cat. I would have much consideration for a designer saying publicly: "listen guys i need 2-3 pips to invest some money on my project, because i'd like to create good payware sceneries" . Instead of wasting their time and producing what is obviously not a PAYWARE quality scenery: to be honest i do not see whats interesting in this picture. Its really a shame to see NMG TRADING, DEVINCI (almost 20€ for an awful KSAN) , or ORYXSIM calling their work PAYWARE PRODUCTS. Come on ! lets be serious and have a look at NL2000, Sunskyjet, Max Kraus sceneries, Mega Rio & Sao paulo, Congonhas (Terra brazils) ETC ETC . Im out !

Florian (OryxSim) said...

Well Anonymous (apparently you don't want to be identified)

What you're seeing above are work in progress shots coming from our Facebook page. They're just an indication that we're progressing with our work (and AirDailyX can publish that, why would we post it on Facebook in the first place?) , and given that it is still a Gmax shot it is very hard to judge the quality of a product.

I think it is class of the editors to not put down their judgement of what they know is early work in progress. What you're suggesting above would be disrespectful especially at this stage. With that I'm not saying that you can't criticize something. After all, without criticism we would'nt have gotten where we are now in terms of FS Development, so criticizing a finished product is perfectly fine with me. This is however not the case in what you're seeing here.

We have invested heavily in this product, accumulating to over 2000 euros including the acquisition of full aerial imagery for the airport, and then we haven't talked yet about the hundreds of hours that such a project costs.

I think it is perfectly reasonable for people to ask money for such large projects, and I think OryxSim is providing very affordable sceneries. As noted in the recent AVSIM review of Canadian Airports 1, it was reviewed as 'Excellent value for Money'.

I hope that you'll take another look at this project when it's nearly done, we're doing our best to make this our best scenery to date, learning from the great (the big majority being positive) feedback users provide.

Mason Dominique said...

Okay let's be franck !

I did not like OryxSim work on the first canadian airfields. I already bought Kelowna from Simaddons and Oryx's version did not reach the other one !
But Florian is improving a lot. I'll buy this Toronto. I stick to new developers and i stick to them when they seem ready to go payware.

Anonymous said...

From comments like the "Anonymous" is why some developers don't work on certain airports because the negativity and the complaints makes anyone think twice about doing something for an airport that no other developer has done such as Toronto

If you don't like the quality continue to ask in the other "better" developer forums and see on what decade they will do your Toronto airport.

Anonymous said...

Hi Florian,
Im glad you answered, and believe me i always say what i think is fair in front of people faces: Not hiding at all, not my style. But I know, We know what simulation means, and means to us. I guess you are not only designing sceneries to be at the bottom of the industry. I guess you are targeting the TOP, because like in any other job people try to improve their work. So what i said is based on your previous work: Please re-read my post and try to read whats between the lines, and you'll see that there was no anger whatsoever. Like i told you i'm not hidding, My Name is Kaman, Pilot student and active PMDG forum member and i have what may probably be among the richest scenery, fsx softwares library in our community. So i have a LOT of experience in this simulation thing: but i just don't design thats right. Anyway when it comes to simulation i have a good eye for details ....etc I have spent thousands of euros to get the set up i have today: check this:
I give you the link of my little channel so that, if you want to criticize, YOU CAN. What really matters is quality ! at least thats my point of view. And if one day you knock at my door with a project you'd like to put together and need some extra cash, i may be able to help ! Im not a hater. Im a FSX Lover.

Florian (OryxSim) said...

Hi Kaman,

It's occasionally very hard to read the mood out of a written comment, so my apologies if I misread what you were trying to say.

We're of course trying to aim at the top of the market, we're passionate about what we do and love to improve our work. That includes existing sceneries, we're in touch with Canadian municipalities to see if it's possible to implement aerial imagery into the existing Canadian Airports as well. We want to get the details right as well ,it just isn't here yet this early in the development stage.

Seems you have a big collection right there, must be hard to choose each time you're going out!

Take care,

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