Sunday, April 29, 2012

Y'all can stop beggin for Glasgow now!!!

FS9/FSX. In what is obviously an instant great surprise from UK2000 mastermind Gary Summons, we now have the very first screens of the upcoming Glasgow Xtreme 2012! Excitement doesn't quite explain the excitement this news brings! Want more screenshots? Want the release date???

Great news indeed!!! Expected 1st week of June!!

Want more???

Here you go!!


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Brad said...

I personally dont have any interest in the scottish airports, however this does look good, but then again it is UK2000 so it is of no suprise. I really am looking forward to the Luton & Heathrow V3 tho! Seriously exciting! The Eiresim Luton is actually very good, and i must say it has a very similar look to UK2000 in SOME cases but an actual UK2000 Luton is without a doubt WANTED!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic News! Glad to see some love for the old Glasgow! Now please UK2000 update Edinburgh! Then maybe make Dyce?(Aberdeen!)

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