Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Previews of GEX Africa Middle east

GEX Africa + Xclass LC

FSX. Scenery Solutions is almost finishing Ground Environment X AFME, a whole new set of textures for the Africa continent and Middle East. Two days ago, screenshots from Congo, South Africa, Afghanistan etc have been published. Be warned that most of them are configured with other addons.

GEX Africa Middle East alone (here it is over Congo)

GEX Africa (Congo) + Scenerytech Africa landclass

No release date given.

GEX AFME will cover these countries below on the map

Note that basically, Ground environment textures from one product (Europe for instance) can "contaminate" textures of others products, because FSX uses sometimes same textures on different continents. Scenery Solutions  has done several updates to avoid this. This is explained here :

More screens here :

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