Friday, May 20, 2011

Intersim Studios Taxi2gate in a state of agitation

A new secret Star Wars spaceship ?

FS9 and FSX. The floridan and latin designers have published a short report of their activities. First, the cuban projects are "off the table" and completed until further developments (there is no mention of La Havana). The developers are now focusing on Miami projects. There are also plans for "futur major projects in the US and possibly in South America". This might announce that Montevideo will be (or has already been) launched. I am keeping the best for you here...

Junior Puente has also published a new screen of Miami airport International departure terminal. The screen is still a GMAX object but gives an idea of the final view...

I am coming back on this report now. Intersim Studios and Taxi2gate* have also announced that they are looking into a partnership with Liberty development Studios. This designer is working for a few years on repaints, with names like Michael Espinal, who also worked with McPhat. This looks like a good opportunity as the market, today, is really in the need of good painters.
Others considerations. We have no news of Varadero for FSX and some mixed signals have been launched here and there on this question (idem with La Havana). In this really positive state of agitation, we must say that sometimes shit happens. Key West project has been transfered to Latin VFR but we don't have any informations about the terms.

* (they might want to change their name. Suggestions : Intersim&Gate, Intertaxi, Latin Gates,
New Latin Studios etc...)

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