Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Intersim Varadero : our test

Juan Gomez Intl.
FS9 and FSX. Announced in february, delayed time and time again, the FSX version is there, a few weeks after FS9. With Santiago de Cuba and La Havana, Varadero is one of the most awaited cuban airport. Is the wait worth it ?

Installation :

One executable file (30 mb).
The scenery is automatically set in the library.

First glance at this scenery. And a good news, we don't see the flickering effect like in Cayo Coco. The framerate is comfortable (more than 15 fps on a basic quadcore with FS settings almost at max).
All the grounds in the airport are made of high definition textures. The design of the terminal is simple but everything is there, a front glass entry, jetways, some signs, some photoreal textures. Many parts of the building are illuminated at night. The surroundings have been carefully designed too : coach parking, farms, etc.

The good :
* The design is simple but everything is there, carefully made by Intersim and taxi2gate teams.
* Of course, it is not the kind of wonderful heavy airport we like to buy but the airport is the main door to the touristic agitated activity along the north bay. And thanks to the very long runway (11 490 feets !), a lot of real long haul flights can be tested.
* The price is really fair (16,65 €/23,5$)

The bad :
* At some place aside the runway, we can see some tree rows and crosses. The visual effect is not sensational. But other designers make the same "mistake" and i suspect that this has been decided to optimize the framerate.
* I did not see any AFD file for the AI aircrafts. An update on Intersim or TAxi2gate sites will be appreciated.


Static cows...

Optimizing the framerate ?

Ground textures : irreproachable.

The terminal front side is quite successful.

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